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Clarewell Clinics is the only private clinic in the UK, which specialises in sexual health

We were honoured to receive “Best Private Sexual Health Clinic – Midlands 2019” by Global Health Pharma.


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We are here for you to resolve your worries, questions, and symptoms! 

Our Specialists have had at least a decade of experience in sexual health before they joined our team at Clarewell Clinics in 2018. They are distinguished for their excellent medical skills as well as genuine and attentive patient care. Since then, we have helped more than 2000 patients, who kindly rated us with an average of 5 stars (based on the total of 75 Google reviews), without mentioning the other testimonials on our website.

Full STI Care

Clarewell Clinics is focused on patient outcomes. This means our goal isn’t simply to test and prescribe treatment.

We aim to make sure you have all your questions answered and worries resolved. Lastly, we want you to leave with confidence in your sexual health.

How can we help you?


Expert Diagnosis

Get the right diagnosis, which is essential for tests and treatment you need to solve your problem.


Urgent Home STI Testing

Get your discreet home STI testing kit and results within 4 working days. 


Treatment To Your Doorstep

Get a clear step-by-step action plan and treatment directly delivered to you within a few days. 

Can we handle your STI remotely?

Yes. Virtual Care is new for both of us. But sexual health isn’t. 

Our qualified specialists can offer advice and support via a thorough discussion of your medical history, sexual history and any symptoms you may have.

Combined with home STI testing kits we can also provide a diagnosis without you having to come to the clinic. And should you need any medications, we can post most of them to your home/office.

And through every step of this process, your humanity and discretion is ensured of.

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When do we recommend to go to the NHS or your GP?

We recommend going to the NHS sexual health clinic or a GP if your issue:

  • isn’t pressing;
  • doesn’t require in-depth sexual health understanding as you will need a referral to a sexual health specialist;
  • doesn’t require urgent testing;
  • doesn’t require quick treatment delivery to your home.

Our clinic’s specialists can help with urgent and complex sexual health issues at short notice. You can book a telephone or video consultation the moment you need help.

When is it NOT a good idea to have a Virtual Appointment?

There are some situations where we would recommend seeing us in person, instead of receiving virtual care. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • If you have persistent pain esp. abdominal pain or heavy bleeding (rectal or vaginal). We advise to go to the A&E immediately.
  • If you require in-person treatment or procedures. For example, for Gonorrhoea, SyphilisGenital Warts, Coil fittings & removals or Implant fittings & removals.
  • If you have been to other clinics and have not found the answer you were looking for, a comprehensive consultation in-person would be more appropriate.

Please learn about our full range of in-person services here.

When do we advise to get an STI consultation?

There are times when a consultation may not be recommended. These include, but are not limited to:

  • if your partner has tested positive for an STI, and you want to make sure they didn’t pass it on to you;
  • if you are in a low-risk group, and just want to make sure you don’t have the most common STIs.
  • if you are confident that you have waited enough from the time of the incident to get accurate test results.

However, if you are experiencing symptoms, you have lots of questions about your sexual health and what’s happening to you or just want the reassurance of a specialist, then a consultation is highly recommended.

What STI test package should I get?

If you aren’t sure what test package to get, we recommend to book a consultation with one of our specialists so they can understand your sexual & medical history, any symptoms you may be experiencing and any worries on your mind.

Following this, they will recommend exactly what tests you need and we will have a kit sent out to you the next working day (if you order before 4:00pm) to collect the necessary samples.

Customise Your Service Package:


Virtual Consultation


Availability: TODAY 2 weeks

By Phone or Video link

End-to-End encrypted

Urgent Home STI Testing

from £50

Time for results: < 4 days 2 weeks

Highly accurate tests

Low rates of false results

Treatment To Your Doorstep

from £30

Delivery: Next working day 1 week

Effective treatments

Under doctor’s guidance

Routinely treated conditions

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Please call 999 in an emergency situation.

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Burning & Itching

Chlamydia >

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Vaginal Discharge


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