Postal STI Treatment

Decide on your treatment plan. Get the support you need. 

Next Day Nationwide Delivery

Discreet & Confidential

Attentive Aftercare

Care at the core. Never an afterthought

Our goal is clarity for you, so our care doesn’t end with your prescription and treatment delivery.

When an STI is detected, it’s often the case that it raises even more questions and concerns. Besides explaining the steps of your treatment plan, we are available to answer questions and discuss problems by phone or e-mail.

  • We reply to all emails of our patients within 24 hours.
  • You can request a call back to consult your doctor on e.g. managing symptoms, the side-effects, or how it affects other life areas.

Treatments we can provide

  • Most treatments are £30
  • Includes First-Class delivery

Please note, that if you have tested elsewhere, you will need to have a consultation with one of our clinicians first (£50).

Bacterial Vaginosis£30

Chlamydia >£30

Genital Warts >Learn more

Gonorrhoea >in clinic

Herpes (1&2) >£30 (for current outbreak) 

Herpes (1&2) >£50 (for suppressive therapy) 

Hepatitis B Vaccinein clinic

HIV (AIDS) >Learn more

HIV PrEP (two month min.) >£50/month

HIV PEP (≤ 72 hours after) >Learn more

HPV Vaccine (3 doses) >in clinic

Syphilis >in clinic

Trichomoniasis >£50


Mycoplasma Genitalium >£250


Customise Your Service  Package:

Virtual Consultation


Availability: TODAY 2 weeks

By Phone or Video link

End-to-End encrypted

Urgent Home STI Testing

from £50

Time for results: < 4 days 2 weeks

Highly accurate tests

Low rates of false results 

Clear out your worries, questions, and symptoms! Safely & Quickly from home.